Funky Monkey Jackpot Slot Review RTP 96.95%

Funky Monkey Jackpot Slot Review
Funky Monkey Jackpot Slot Review

Are you searching for the Funky Monkey Jackpot slot review? The Jackpot term is the sole change to the original title of this game, the second in its series to be released by Playtech. 

It’s obviously a significant feature, and the slot machine has undergone significant modifications to fit the progressive payout. The storyline has not changed; it centers on a funky monkey that lives in the forest and is dressed like a rock star.

Best Funky Monkey Jackpot Slot Review

Funky Monkey Jackpot Slot Review

Funky Monkey Jackpot slot review is a traditional slot game with 3 reels and 1 active line, but the progressive jackpot gives it more potential than you may think. 

Moving on to fixed payouts, the 888x setting will be the finest one available. You shouldn’t anticipate any features from this game because it’s a really straightforward product overall.

1. Wagering Option

There is only one line in the game, and it simply seems to ask for your total wager. Since it may be played for as little as $0.15 and as much as $1.20, it is more of a game for those on extremely tight budgets. That wager is enough to start a play in which you may win a progressive jackpot.

Look at the red display box above the reels and beneath the paytable to see what the progressive jackpot is worth. You can’t miss it since a large red arrow points directly at it. We believe the values you’re looking at are in the $5,000–$6,000 area. 

The Prize logo is located underneath the headshot of the eccentric monkey on the symbol that can award that progressive jackpot. The game’s average RTP is one more item to brag about. The nusantara77 slot machine created by Playtech was a respectable pick in that sense, giving you a 96.95% return over the long term.

2. Game Features

Similar to how you didn’t have features in the first Funky Monkey, you don’t gain any from this game. The sole option is to spin the reels and wait for winning combos to occur, which necessitates the appearance of three identical symbols on the one line that is there. 

Only when you have three Bar symbols on it, regardless of their nature, can you receive payment without having three matching symbols.

3. Theme and Design

The premise of Funky Monkey Jackpot slot review is centered on this hip figure, a monkey with tattoos, a gold chain around his neck, pink-rimmed sunglasses, and a purple attire. He clearly earned the moniker “Funky Monkey” for a reason. 

In addition to being in the jungle-themed logo area, this monkey is a component of the Jackpot symbol, which awards the progressive jackpot. The remaining symbols are the 3Bar, 2Bar, and 1Bar logos, a pair of tribal drums, a palm tree, a hut, a bunch of bananas, a pair of sunglasses, and a pair of sunglasses.

When compared to several other 3 reel slot machines, which is the genre to which it belongs, the game is entertaining. The quality of the design has improved even when compared to the original Funky Monkey.

Our Conclusion

For those players who don’t have extremely huge budgets and who are searching for something with a good RTP and as few features as possible, we believe the Funky Monkey Jackpot slot review might be a great choice.

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