Tiki Reward Slot Demo: Paylines, Number of Reels & RTP

Tiki Reward Slot Demo

Many gamers who launch Tiki Reward Slot Demo for the first time are probably going to feel like they’ve played it before. It seems as though All41 Studios is reverting to its pattern of “stealing” concepts from rivals and combining them into a lifeless replica.

Recently, they had kind of drifted away from those types of mischief, but the temptation must have been too great for them to completely give them up. Tiki Reward Slot Demo flaming tribal graphics and triggered jackpots are strikingly similar to 9 Masks of Fire by Gameburger Studio. However, everything can just be a coincidence. Let’s investigate.

With its 5-reel, 50-payline playing area set up on a beach as dusk falls, Microgaming-powered Tiki Reward tries for the exotic aspect. The picture has been blazed in deep reds and oranges from the setting sun by All41 Studios, who have increased the contrast.

Or from nuclear tests that were once carried out on remote atolls in the Pacific. Sitting back with a Mai Tai, you kind of picture mushroom clouds blooming in the horizon. When certain symbols land in a way reminiscent of the “Book of Ra,” vocal bursts are punctuated by the rhythmic pulse of a tribal tune.

With stakes ranging from 20 percent to £/€100 every spin, Tiki Reward Slot Demo is playable on any device. Underneath the scorched skin, a highly unstable math model powers the program, resulting in a decent RTP rating of 96.32%. A hit rate of 25.75 percent, or slightly more often than 1 win in 4, is required to keep the flow going.

Additionally, the features regularly disappear. When tested, it appeared that free spins occurred more frequently than Tiki Jackpots, which theoretically occur once every 163 spins but occur only every 45 spins.

All 12 of the normal pay symbols in the paytable are purple, which will appeal to players who adore the color. There are six 9-A royals with low pay and six island images with high pay. Flowers, stingrays, hammerhead sharks, lizards, and turtles can be found at all elevations.

In an interesting twist, high stakes payout for the customary three or more of a kind, but low payments require at least four of a kind to make a winner. Players receive 1.2x for five flowers and up to 2.5x for a full line of turtles because values are very modest.

The middle three reels are where the four Tiki symbols fall, and they serve as wilds for the standard payouts. They might also come down with x2 multipliers, which are added to any victories they contribute to.

The four-tier jackpot, whose current amounts are shown on banners next to the slot, is the major focus of the Tiki reward. A number of free spins are added on top of this bonus feature; three scatter symbols award 7 free spins. Tiki’s color for each spin during a free spin is selected at random from red, blue, and green. A blazing frame with a corresponding color surrounds reels 2, 3, and 4 to signify Tiki’s selected color.

The advantage in this situation is that only Golden Tiki symbols and Tiki symbols in the selected color are present on reels 2, 3, and 4, enhancing the likelihood of significant wins. Additionally, each additional scatter symbol that lands during this bonus round increases the number of free spins by one.

The Tiki Jackpot is the major event. The prize is given when three identically colored Tiki symbols land on the screen. The values are re-rolled following a red, green, or blue jackpot victory, which sounds much more thrilling than it actually is.

The minimum payout for a jackpot is two times the amount wagered, while the combined payout for the Red, Green, and Blue Jackpots is always thirty times the amount wagered. When three of the Golden Tikis appear on the screen, the bet is multiplied by 1,000 and serves as a wild symbol for all other icons (including the Red, Green, or Blue Tikis).

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Tiki Reward Slot Demo: Conclusion

There are quite a few slots with tiki themes available right now; most developers have one or two. You understand why, too. A slot would benefit from the exotic visuals, rhythmic sounds, and heat coming from distant locations. Unfortunately, All41 Studios fell short of their potential in utilizing the Polynesian theme.

The smaller, less-polished 9 Masks of Fire bell is rung by the union of Tiki emblems and jackpots. Even though 9 Masks isn’t a particularly complex game, Tiki Reward manages to make it appear as though it’s a master class in refinement.

Another problem that some players can object to is the combination of extreme volatility and low payout. In that regard, it is not particularly thrilling and may not be worth the high risk for some as maximum wins only amount to around 1,030 times the stake. However, the fact that the maximum win only occurs once per 10,700 spins makes it appear more approachable.

Although the majority of spectators probably won’t notice anything, there is some cultural appropriation going on here. A brief internet search reveals that Tiki Reward Slot Demo has very nothing in common with Maori culture. Either All41 Studios overlooked that or they skipped the research step. In any event, it reinforces the perception of a slot that was carelessly created.

It seems as though the staff threw together pieces from various sources, took a few concepts from the Microgaming database, threw in something about the Maoris to give it some street cred, and then sent it out the door. Tiki Reward Slot Demo becomes a paper-thin experience, a watered-down replica of other more enjoyable slots, when you add up the poor design and low-charisma gaming. If you are interested in playing this Slot game, you can play it on online sites such as the slot88 site.