Raptor Doublemax Slot Review: RTP 96.01% (Yggdrasil)

Raptor Doublemax Slot Review
Raptor Doublemax Slot Review

You must be looking for the Raptor Doublemax slot review. This game, which will be available at Yggdrasil casinos in the coming weeks, is a high-risk slot machine, but we love how much potential it has. 

In terms of theme, we’re looking at a game that transports us back to the time of the dinosaurs, complete with jungles in the background and some of the most iconic creatures on the reels.

Summary of Raptor Doublemax Slot Review

Raptor Doublemax slot review

Raptor Doublemax may not appear to be the most impressive game around at first glance, with its 5×3 reels and 25 paylines. 

You’ll quickly change your mind once you see how the cascading reels work, as well as the unlimited Doubling Multiplier and the wilds and free spins that can be triggered. 

However, there is a limit to how much you can take home, which is set at 20,000x ($1,200,000). All of this comes from a slot machine with a 96.01% RTP and extremely high volatility.

1. Betting Options

The game, which is played with 20 coins and 25 lines, allows you to choose the denomination of the coin that will be used on every line. The total ranges between $0.20 and $60 as the amount increases from $0.01 to $3.

A 20,000x jackpot is more than enough to entice players to try the slot, especially since the maximum bet can turn the jackpot into $1,200,000. There is also a high enough RTP here, at 96.01%, indicating that it is a fair game, despite the fact that its extremely high volatility will punish most players.

2. Game Features

Although it has regular active lines and a standard game area, it contains elements that are taken from much more powerful setups. For example, Cascading Reels is a feature that removes symbols that are part of winning combos and replaces them with new ones. If you keep getting new wins from your cascades, they can keep going.

But that’s not all that happens. Thus every time a Cascade is triggered, a new wild symbol is added to the game area, so you’re always getting help forming new combos.

It only gets better. Starting with the first cascade, the game applies a Doubling Multiplier to your wins. The base game’s win multiplier is 1x, but the cascades will double the multiplier with every new trigger. You progress through the levels of 2x, 4x, 8x, 16x, 32x, and so on. 

The multiplier can go as high as you want it to go. If you get 10 cascades in a row, for example, the multiplier will be 1,024x, and it could go even higher. Of course, even with such a powerful multiplier, there is a limit of 20,000x the stake.

If you see three or more Egg scatter symbols, you’ll be awarded 8 to 16 free spins. The Doubling Multiplier does not reset between free spins in this mode; it only resets at the end of the feature.

3. Theme and Design

It’s your typical dinosaur-themed slot, with the background picture depicting crowded jungles of the time, complete with flowers, trees, and even nests with eggs on the ground. 

The Shell (wild), an Egg (scatter), as well as regular symbols like the T-Rex, Triceratops, two other dinosaurs, and the Royals, will appear on the reels (Jack to Ace). Overall, a decent design, though we’ve seen Yggdrasil do better in the past.

Our Conclusion

In conclusion of our Raptor Doublemax slot review, the slot is a fun game to play, and the best part is that its power can be revealed even in the base game spins. Although it’s not as likely as during the free spins, the Doubling Multiplier is available in some form at all times, which is fantastic. Have you played with Mesin Slot Online Gacor Hari Ini for a win.

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