Phantasmic Fortunes Review: High Volatility (iSoftBet)

Phantasmic Fortunes Review

Are you looking for the Phantasmic Fortunes review? This game  was created by iSoftBet and is based on black magic, so it has a darker feel to it. It also features an Xpanding Ways system that allows the game area to expand. 

It seems to be becoming more common in modern slots, and players seem to enjoy the end result, so expect to see more of these games in the future.

Summary of Phantasmic Fortunes Review

With 5×3 reels and 243 ways to win, Phantasmic Fortunes is a great place to start. You can end up with up to 6 rows of symbols and 7,776 ways to win as the game area expands thanks to the Xpanding Ways system. 

Unfortunately, despite the game’s high volatility, the rewards are disappointing, with the top prize only reaching 1,000x the stake. Even so, the game’s features can help you out a lot, as it includes not only three wild variants, but also scatters, free spins, a Magic Boost, and diamonds that can bring on reel expansion.

1. Betting Options

All you have to do now is choose a wager, and the game will begin with all ways to win enabled. The value of the wagers that are available ranges between $0.20 and $20.

When it comes to potential, we believe Phantasmic Fortunes fails its players and the Xpanding Ways system that it is promoting for the first time. The highest possible reward begins to be 1,000x the stake. At the same time, the game appears to have room for improvement, with combinations paying up to 5x the stake and 7,776 ways to win.

Sadly, when low top payouts are combined with high volatility, it doesn’t make for the best experience, and that’s exactly what we’re seeing here.

2. Slot Features

The game will offer a combination of Xpanding Ways and Orbs that provide prizes and features, though neither is guaranteed to trigger for you.

The Diamond scatter symbols, which you only need once per reel, will be used by the Xpanding Ways mechanic to boost that column. Before you can fully expand a reel and get the most number of ways to win possible, you’ll need several Diamonds.

When a reel is fully expanded, the player will be able to activate the contents of an Orb that is visible at the top. You might get an Orb with one of the wilds, prizes, or messages if you Collect them. The reel shrinks back to its original size once you’ve received your prize, and you have to start over.

It is always possible to land scatter symbols on the middle 3 reels to activate the free spins feature. What changes is the potential of the Orbs when they pay you, as each one could pay up to 1,000 times the stake. You don’t get a set number of free spins; instead, they end when a Collect Orb appears on one of the reels.

Magic Boost is a feature that can be triggered at any time as a result of a free spin or Orbs. It will increase the size of 1-2 reels, making it easier to reach the Orbs at the top.

3. Theme and Design

It appears to be a magician’s trick, but it isn’t the usual kind. The reels will be filled with things like black top hats, green potions, playing cards, a pocket watch, a raven, as well as the four low value card suit icons, while the background shows a table and the stage curtains. 

It’s a great design, which isn’t surprising given this developer’s track record. Overall, it’s a fun game, but it has a darker tone to it than most magic slots.

Final Words

In conclusion of coloksgp Phantasmic Fortunes review, the slot does a good job of showing off iSoftBet’s new Xpanding Ways mechanic. 

It fails to provide an exciting experience for players, which could hurt them in the long run, at least in terms of popularizing this mechanic. 

Even if the RTP is appropriate for a slot machine, the combination of high volatility and low top payouts isn’t particularly enjoyable.

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