Nitropolis Slot Review: RTP 96.1% (ELK Studios) Most Picked Game

Nitropolis Slot Review
Nitropolis Slot Review

When you read this Nitropolis slot review, you certainly will understand how the game works after that. When it comes to slot development, it’s easy to criticize a perceived lack of fresh concepts. 

It sometimes looks as if a few studios are blazing a trail while the rest are copying or adapting like wanting to be fashion designers watching a runway display. 

ELK Studios’ odd slot Nitropolis is an example of a studio boldly venturing where it hasn’t gone before. Four clans compete for green Nitro to fuel their cars in this world: the Dirty Dawgs, the Gritty Kitties, the Pug Thugs, and the Rouge Rats. 

It will be interesting to see which category operators will place Nitropolis in. ‘It is whatever the [expletive] you want it to be,’ Billy Corgan remarked of postmodernism.

Nitropolis Slot Review: The Most Picked Game

When you first start the game, it instantly becomes clear that this isn’t your standard ELK offering: the 6-reel, 4,096 win way playing area is set in the industrial setting of Nitropolis. 

1. The Soundtrack

This is a futuristic city populated by animals, with amazing music that sounds like a mix of Britpop and electronica, progressing to punk during the bonus game. 

The game’s music is so amazing that it gives Nolimit City’s Punk Rocker a run for its money, despite the fact that Nitropolis clearly takes its ideas from Nolimit City’s Punk Rocker, both in terms of audiovisual design and main mechanics. 

In either case, the truly eclectic blend of themes, ideas, and concepts works, resulting in a one-of-a-kind game.

Nitropolis Slot Review

2. Volatility and RTP

Nitropolis can be played on any device with bets ranging from 20p to £/€100 per spin, as well as betting methods like Optimizer, Leveller, Booster, and Jumper. In terms of the math model, the gaming is highly volatile, which is appropriate given the level of reward and variety of options available. 

Even though free spins can take a long time to trigger, this is a very busy slot that can provide a lot of entertainment. It’s difficult to say statistically because ELK doesn’t give free spin frequency as frequently as they used to. 

The hit rate, on the other hand, is available, so at 19.8%, you’ll win once every five spins or such. The satisfactory figure of 96.1% for the RTP rate brings the statistics to a close.

3. The Pay Symbols

The paytable is made up of twelve regular symbols that are separated into three categories: low, medium, and high. From the first reel onwards, combinations of three to six symbols may be formed in any row. 

Because there are so many different ways to win in Nitropolis, single combination values are substantially lower than usual. 

Six mid pays pay 0.24x to 0.36x the stake, while six high pays pay 0.6x to 1x the stake. So, there’s not a lot. Fortunately, the features provide ample opportunity to go berserk. 

Finally, a strange mushroom cloud wild symbol appears, substituting for all symbols save the bonus sign. The wild symbol can also be used to replace the scatter symbol in a scatter win during free spins.

4. Slot Features

Look at these features which are offered by the developer. 

Winning Respins

The features may appear confusing at first, but they become clearer when you’ve read up on them or, better yet, seen them in action a few times. 

Winning Respins are the first feature, which appear after each win in the base or bonus game. All of the symbols that were part of the winning combination spin again, potentially resulting in new combinations. Respins continue until there are no additional wins.

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Nitro Reels

The next feature is ELK’s newly launched and trademarked Nitro ReelsTM, which can appear in any reel. These symbols cover two positions and may contain four, six, eight, ten, or twelve symbols, changing the number of winning ways. 

The default value of 4,096 can go as high as 85,155,840 at the most. Furthermore, between Respins and Free Spins, Nitro Reels might upgrade win methods at random. Additionally, if there are no additional winnings, Nitro Reels may randomly spin again for a second chance.

Bonus Game

The bonus game, which is started when three, four, five, or six scatter symbols appear in view during the regular game, awards you 10, 15, 20, or 25 spins, accordingly. In the feature, three or more bonus symbols retrigger the same set of spins.


Nitropolis can be a little puzzling at first. It’s difficult to tell what’s going on without first looking at the paytable. Even worse is initiating free spins before fully understanding the regulations, leaving you confused as to why you’re being rewarded. 

The good news is that Nitropolis isn’t as difficult as it appears, and it’s nothing that a few rounds won’t fix. It becomes clear, not to mention enjoyable, after you understand how Nitro Reels and Respins work. Well, that is daftar slot online terpercaya brief for Nitropolis slot review

Last but not least, we’d like to recommend you to play some simple classic slots to get used to the slot pattern. Try Mars Odyssey, Cleopatra, or Diamond Dozen slot machines if you like themed slot games.

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