What is a DS Spin on Pop Slots?

what is a ds spin on pop slots

Pop Slots is a popular mobile casino game that offers a wide range of slot machine experiences. It has captured the attention of millions of players worldwide with its vibrant graphics, engaging gameplay, and the opportunity to win big. 

But what exactly is a DS spin on Pop Slots? In this article, we will explore the concept of DS spins and how they add an exciting twist to the traditional Pop Slots experience.

Introduction to Pop Slots

Before we dive into the DS spin feature, let’s take a moment to understand the basics of Pop Slots. Developed by Playstudios, Pop Slots is a free-to-play casino game available on iOS and Android devices. It offers a wide variety of slot machines inspired by real-world Las Vegas casinos.

The objective of Pop Slots is to spin the reels and match symbols to win virtual chips, which can be used to play more slot machines or redeem rewards such as free hotel stays, show tickets, and other exclusive offers at participating resorts and casinos.

With its vibrant visuals, immersive sound effects, and a constant stream of rewards, Pop Slots has become a favorite among casino enthusiasts and casual gamers alike.

What are DS Spins?

DS spins, short for “Double XP Spins,” are a special feature in Pop Slots that offer players the opportunity to earn double experience points (XP) for a limited time. Experience points play a crucial role in Pop Slots as they determine your level and unlock access to new slot machines and higher bet limits.

DS spins are usually activated through in-game events or promotions. During a DS spin event, players can use their regular spins to play slot machines and earn double the experience points for each spin. This means that you can level up faster, unlock new content quicker, and enjoy more of what Pop Slots has to offer.

Advantages of DS Spins

The DS spin feature provides several advantages for players of Pop Slots. Here are a few benefits:

1. Faster Progression:By earning double experience points, DS spins allow you to level up at an accelerated pace. This means you can unlock new slot machines and features quicker, enhancing your overall gaming experience.

2. Access to Exclusive Content:Some slot machines in Pop Slots are only available to players who have reached specific levels. By taking advantage of DS spins, you can progress through the levels faster and gain access to these exclusive machines, which often offer unique themes and bonus features.

3. Increased Betting Limits:As you level up in Pop Slots, your betting limits increase, allowing you to place higher bets and potentially win larger amounts of virtual chips. DS spins can help you reach those higher levels faster, giving you the opportunity to enjoy the game with higher stakes.

4. Competitive Edge:DS spins can be particularly advantageous during competitive events or leaderboard challenges in Pop Slots. By earning double experience points, you can climb the ranks more quickly and increase your chances of winning valuable rewards.

Overall, DS spins inject excitement into the gameplay of Pop Slots by providing a time-limited boost to your progress and enhancing your overall gaming experience.


Pop Slots is a thrilling mobile casino game that offers players a wide variety of slot machine experiences. The DS spin feature, or Double XP Spins, adds an extra layer of excitement by allowing players to earn double experience points for a limited time.

With faster progression, access to exclusive content, increased betting limits, and a competitive edge, DS spins offer several advantages to Pop Slots players. Whether you’re a casual gamer or a dedicated casino enthusiast, DS spins can enhance your enjoyment of the game and help you reach new heights in your Pop Slots journey.

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So, the next time you’re spinning the reels in Pop Slots, keep an eye out for DS spin events and make the most of this exciting feature!

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