The Witness Review, A Game With Stunning Visual Effects by Thekla, Inc

The Witness Review by Thekla, Inc will discuss the specifications of the game The Witness. This game, which was released in 2016, is a puzzle game that has a stunning visual appearance. You will be presented with a colorful animated nature view and the opportunity to try hundreds of puzzles with a high enough level of complexity. This makes this game look different from other puzzle games.

The Witness is included as a game that has an easy way of playing. However, the existing puzzles are not exactly easy. Therefore, this game can be played by all ages, including children. The mechanics of the game are very complicated at each level. Also, in this game, you won’t find any clues, so this game will feel very challenging. Even if there are some clues, these hints will not be quickly understood or realized by players, even though they are right in front of their eyes.

Each puzzle in The Witness game has its mechanic, so it requires high reasoning skill to solve it. There will be satisfaction in itself if you have completed the existing puzzle. Not only find line puzzles, but you can also find puzzles in the form of mazes. This game is full of puzzles, so the players won’t get bored.

Walking Alone on a Beautiful Mysterious Island

The Witness Review

This game with a soothing natural view is included as a game with very interesting gameplay. The Witness begins when you wake up alone on a mysterious and beautiful island that contains many puzzles.

In this game, you can play hundreds of puzzles with different levels. Unlike other games, this game seems to subordinate the narrative and prioritizes puzzle play. A review of The Witness by Thekla, Inc found that the narrative in this game is very minimal. The game only has a short interaction and narrative.

But even so, the lack of narrative in this story can leave you plenty of time to explore the island. The stages of the game are designed as open worlds that you can explore for new puzzles. At that stage, you will not find any threats at all. You will find hidden things that are very interesting, namely recorded quotes from scientists and other interesting things.

After you know about The Witness review by Thekla, Inc, it can be concluded that this puzzle game is highly recommended for children aged 8 years. Why is that so? Whit this one of the best PlayStation 4 games for kids 8-year-olds children can get to know science figures, and get more knowledge from the discovery of these quotes. This game is also suitable for children who like science.

Although it is recommended for 8 years old children, this game is also very interesting to be played by teenagers and adults. The existing quotes are intended to educate, as well as reveal the purpose of your existence on this mysterious island.

The Witness Review by Thekla, Inc

Everyone needs entertainment, for example by playing games. But nowadays, games are designed not only as entertainment but also as a source of education. One of the interesting and educational games is a puzzle game. According to The Witness Review by Thekla, Inc, this game could be the best puzzle game choice to try.

The Witness is a puzzle game that has a very stunning graphic display. The graphic appearance of this game is supported by a beautiful natural view with a colorful cartoon nuance. The beauty of the view that is presented can make the players hooked and not feel bored even though they stare and solve a puzzle for hours.

Please note that this game can only be completed in its entirety if the player plays the game for 40 hours. This is due to the unusual complexity of the puzzle. The Witness is very suitable to be played by gamers who like challenging and complicated games. Therefore, this game does not seem suitable for ordinary puzzle game lovers.

This game, which was released in 2016, has a fairly high level of complexity. This high level of complexity can boost cognitive abilities and increase the player’s ability to solve problems.

With the visual appearance of a colorful cartoon version of the view, children certainly won’t feel bored when playing this game. Besides being entertained, these young players will also have more honed cognitive abilities. 3in1, you can get 3 benefits at once when playing this game.

Not only solving puzzles but you are also asked to be able to understand the mechanics of the puzzles presented. This game seems to be constantly developing and will become more difficult. Because of this, The Witness must be played by players that have the courage and never give up.

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Recommended for 8 Years Old Children

Currently, there are many types of games that can be played by children. But, many of them only offer entertainment with less education. So, you can choose The Witness to make sure that the children will improve their skills. The results of The Witness Review by Thekla, Inc shows that games for all ages are good if played by children under the age of 8 years.

By playing The Witness, children can hone their cognitive abilities, and gain new knowledge from hidden things in the game. Children can get to know science figures and their quotes better and can be trained to never give up and be patient. This ability can be obtained because this game requires players to have a high level of patience and tenacity.

This puzzle game is perfect for children who like science and kids who have a high curiosity. With this game, players will solve a line-drawing puzzle that is not fairly easy. Therefore, indirectly, children are made to be able to think quickly and accurately in solving problems.

When viewed from the Review of The Witness by Thekla, Inc, this puzzle game designed by the open world is very interesting. The Witness received many positive responses from gamers and is considered a challenging and anti-mainstream puzzle game. In addition to entertainment, players can also gain knowledge and hone cognitive abilities.

Game details:

DeveloperThekla, Inc
PublisherThekla, Inc
PlatformMicrosoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nvidia Shield, macOS, iOS
ReleasedJanuary 26, 2016
Price$ 39.99