Sonic Forces Review, A PS4 Game With A Good Storyline by Sega

Sonic Forces review tells about a game that was released by Sega. The game published by Sega is the best PS4 game in 2017. Since its release in 2017, Sonic Forces has attracted Sonic lovers to play it. This game was created to commemorate Sonic’s 25th birthday.

Sonic Forces became the second Sonic game released in 2017, after the previous Sonic game launched in August. The presence of this game has received a lot of praise from Sonic lovers. This game is considered to have good quality and has succeeded in returning the quality of Sonic games to its former glory. This game can be played by all ages. But for children, this game is highly recommended for children aged 10 years. Sonic Forces have a pretty interesting storyline.

Sonic Forces Storyline

Sonic Forces review

First of all, the Sonic forces review will discuss the storyline of the game with this famous cartoon character. This PlayStation 4 game for kids 10-year-olds tells the story of Sonic and his friends who are under threat. The threat came from their nemesis, Dr. Eggman who has managed to rule the world. It is even estimated that the part of the world that has been ruled by Sonic’s enemies has reached 99%.

In launching his action to rule the world, Dr. Eggman creates an alliance that has 4 members. The four members are Chaos, Metal, Shadow, and Zavok who are also Sonic’s bitter enemies. Dr. Eggman teamed up with them to beat Sonic’s speed.

The main objective of this game is to defeat Dr. Eggman and his troops. However, apart from these five nemesis, Sonic does not know that there is still a new enemy named Infinite. Infinite has a higher speed than Sonic, so at that time Sonic finally loses, then crashes and disappears. At that time, his friends thought that Sonic had died because of the defeat. But suddenly Sonic from the classic era appeared and then helped his friends beat Dr. Eggman and his troops.

Apart from the presence of the classic version of Sonic, your presence in this game will also determine the fate of Sonic and his friends. By playing this game, you can find out how the fate of Sonic and their friends in defeating Dr. Eggman.

Based on this Sonic Forces review by Sega, it can be seen that there are 3 Sonic characters to be played. These characters are Modern Sonic, Classic Sonic, and Avatar Sonic.

Sonic Forces Review That Tells Many Things From Sega

Sonic game lovers are certainly very enthusiastic about playing this latest Sonic game. From its visual appearance, this game has a pretty beautiful appearance, supported by stable framerate and cool cinematography.

But even so, players cannot enjoy this view because the game duration of Sonic Forces is quite fast. The camera cannot be rotated as adjusted. Because of these two things, the beauty of the view that is the background of this game is just gone so fast.

From the level design, the 3D level seems interesting when compared to the 2D level. In addition, if you look at the audio, this game still retains the sound effect of the classic Sonic game. Some stages have soundtracks that are quite uplifting.

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Sonic Forces have several differences from the previous Sonic games. It can be seen in the Sonic Forces review by Sega. Some several additions and changes have occurred, both in terms of character, appearance, and stage.

In terms of character, this game presents 3 Sonic characters at once, unlike other Sonic games. Apart from that, there are additional capabilities to classic Sonic, which makes it look even better than the previous version. The classic version is filled with instant dash capabilities. Although it’s a shame that Sonic classic is less challenging.

If previously boss fights were included in 1 stage, in this game Boss Fight has its stage. It allows the players to do battle separately. Boss Fight has epic battles that can make a good atmosphere.

Game Details:

DeveloperSonic Team, Hardlight
PlatformPlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows
ReleasedNovember 07, 2017
Price$24.13 USD for PlayStation 4 at
GenrePlatformer, Adventure, Action
Official Site

Sonic Forces gameplay

source: youtube/IGN

The player’s task in this game is still the same as the previous Sonic game. You have to move and survive through all the obstacles, from the start line to the end. The staging division of Sonic forces no longer uses the zone system with multiple acts.

The characters to be played at each stage have been determined, consisting of 3 types of Sonic characters. These types of Sonic characters are Modern Sonic, Classic Sonic, and Avatar Sonic.

You can play Modern Sonic on a 3D level. But sometimes modern characters can also be played when entering 2D levels. This character can boost and homing attack when facing an opponent.

Unlike the previous characters, Classic Sonic tends to have limited abilities. This character can not only jump but also run and Spin Dash like other characters. However, this character has been equipped with an instant dash ability that can maintain Sonic’s acceleration.

Sonic’s avatar is an animal created since he entered the initial stage to help Sonic on his adventure. There are 7 species of animals that you can use as avatars. Some of them are wolves, birds, and hedgehogs. Avatar’s gameplay is quite similar to the modern Sonic character, except that he has gadgets and weapons.

During the journey to the endpoint, you will also get additional missions. From these missions, you can get various avatar equipment later. This specific mission is classified into 3 types, namely Challenge, Daily Mission, and SOS Mission. From the results of the Sonic Forces review by Sega, it was found that Boss Fight had become a separate stage.