Review of Tearaway: Unfolded by Sony Computer Entertainment

In the review of Tearaway: Unfolded by Sony Computer Entertainment, you can see that this game combines creative activities and storytelling. Tearaway is included as a very interesting game to play.

This game is highly recommended for 7-year-olds to develop their creativity. Apart from that, the children were also invited to be more sensitive to art with the cut and paste feature.

All the places and objects in this one of the best PlayStation 4 games for kids 7-year-olds are made of paper. Even the character is like that. But even though it is made of paper, the background of the tearaway is very interesting because it has many decorations. This can be found in laboratories, dunes, flowers, grass, and various other objects.

Based on the review of Tearaway: Unfolded by Sony Computer Entertainment, players will later be creative by designing crowns, drawing, and coloring. Therefore. Although this game can be played by all ages, children are the most recommended.

Visualization of the Game Tearaway: Unfolded

Review of Tearaway: Unfolded by Sony Computer Entertainment

This video game takes the theme of the world of paper. Almost all objects are made of paper with an attractive appearance. By playing this game, you can earn many things. The designs of the Tearaway world are varied and beautiful even though they are made of paper.

On certain occasions, players will be allowed to beautify the design of the paper world by designing and drawing various objects. Players can freely create the world of paper they want in this video game. In this game, you can see beautiful paper works in the form of caves, dunes, grasslands, forests, and others.

Not only supported by image display, but Tearaway also has very good sound effects. The sound helps this game to be lively. The voices of some characters are very adorable. When making modifications such as tearing or folding, the sound of this game is very good and interesting. You seem to be brought into the world of paper to hear voices firsthand. Media Molecule and Tarsier Studio have developed this paper game very well.

This game has a sleek touchpad display and control buttons that support the game to look real. So, the children will be very happy to play this game. Not only for one person, but also for team.

Some Points in Review of Tearaway: Unfolded by Sony Computer Entertainment

From the results of the review of Tearaway: Unfolded by Sony Computer Entertainment, many people say that this game is the best game ever played. This game provides a new experience for players that is certainly not found in other games. Especially for children in elementary school.

This game has a unique genre and shows imaginative teamwork on smaller, more focused adventures. It is so challenging and enjoyable for all players. In the Tearaway game, you will guide the messengers (couriers) and keep them out of harm’s way.

It won’t be boring; you will always be presented with various interesting missions which of course involve creativity. Children of early school age such as 7 years old are very suitable to play this. They will be happy with these challenges.

Different from other games, Tearaway can make you feel like you are not in the game. Or in other words, it manages to combine user comfort in the real world and the game. You can make various pictures, such as crown models, and people’s faces on paper before finishing them later. This game even occasionally asks you to help beautify the setting of the place by painting several things and making them happen as you wish.

This game has a very stunning 3D display and good sound quality. In addition, this imaginative game has characters that are easy to control. The control options for these characters are also very subtle.

In this unique game, there will be several battles, but these battles do not show a meaningful scene of violence. The combat and touch control applied to this paper media game is perfect with its visuals that have high aesthetic value. This adventure game in the world of paper is worth trying.

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Best Games for Kids to Try

Nowadays, it is difficult for minors to get video games that are suitable for their age. This is because many games are created that have elements of violence, disrespectful language, and bad appearance for children.

There are not a few cartoon games that use rude words. If the games played by children are not considered, then children may play games that are not appropriate for their age. Moreover, minors such as 7-year-olds still tend to like to imitate what their senses perceive.

Tearaway can be the best game that can be played by children. Not only fun, but this game can also improve the children’s creations through activities of drawing and cutting paper into certain shapes.

This papercraft game also teaches children about cooperation. In this game, the child will be the guide for the characters who send letters or couriers. The appearance of this game is very interesting and cannot be found in other types of games. The colorful and unique display design is enough to impress the players.

Game details:

DeveloperMedia Molecule and Tarsier studio
PublisherSony Computer Entertainment
PlatformPlayStation 4
ReleasedSeptember 8, 2015
Price$19.99 USD at official store
GenrePlatformer, Creative