Hasbro Family Fun Pack Review, An Educative Game by Aboso Studio

The Hasbro Family Fun Pack review by Aboso Studio is indispensable to find out the specifications of this game set. Hasbro Fun Pack is a game package that has four types of games at once. This family game is enjoyable because it can be played by all ages. Of the several other types of games that have been published by Aboso Studio, Hasbro games are the most fun and interactive games.

The number of games that have some violence and other unfavorable things certainly makes parents worry about children’s development when playing. But this game answers those concerns. Hasbro Family Fun Pack is a game that is highly recommended for PlayStation 4 games for kids, especially those who are still 10 years old.

Based on the Hasbro Family Fun Pack review by Aboso Studio, these PlayStation 4 games for 10-year-olds can help children to develop critical thinking skills. The games contained in this package are generally puzzles and games that require strategy. That way, children are encouraged to think and make decisions well.

This game is one of the best games for children because it is full of moral values and does not contain acts of violence. Hasbro Family Fun Pack is perfect to play with when hanging out with family. Children can still play games without being affected by the negative value of the games being played.

Types of Games in the Hasbro Family Fun Pack Review


In the Hasbro Family package, there are 4 types of interesting games that can be played by all family members, especially children. You can play Monopoly Plus, Trivial Pursuit, Risk, and Scrabble games.

Monopoly Plus offers a new experience for you to build housing in the middle of a city that seems lively and colorful. This game will be even more exciting with various animations that will later become your best friend. In Monopoly Plus, you can invite family members and friends to play together to make it more fun. Create dream housing with monopoly plus.

Trivial Pursuit is a very interesting quiz game. In this game, you have to answer existing questions to be able to collect pieces that resemble a puzzle. This game is very interesting to play. If you have never played this game before, it is recommended that you try this interesting game.

If you are interested in the world of war, the risk is the right choice of game in the Hasbro Family Fun Pack. Players have the opportunity to become the head of the armed forces who can control the war. Even though it is a war game, there is no significant element of violence in this game. The various available rules make this game even more interesting and fun.

Scrabble is the fourth game in this family entertainment package which is also the best crossword puzzle game. To win this game, you need to look carefully at each letter and arrange it into a good and correct word. Scrabble is very fun when played anytime and anywhere, best PS4 games to play with wife, family, and friends or played alone.

Amazing 3D Visuals for Hasbro Family Fun Pack by Aboso Studio

The games available in Hasbro Family Fun Pack look very real because they have high-quality 3D visuals. When playing Monopoly Plus, you can feel like you are in the housing that was created. Likewise with other games, when playing Risk, you can feel that you are on a real battlefield. The attractive appearance of the Hasbro Family Fun Pack makes it very suitable to be played while relaxing and suitable for playing to get rid of stress.

The games on this set have visuals that almost resemble the original conditions. As in the game Monopoly, buildings and various other facilities look similar to those in the real world. The colors displayed by the visuals of this game are very impressive. You will not feel bored when playing the various games available.

This good visual appearance also affects the players’ impression of the available games. Many players say this game is the best game for the family. The four games that exist indirectly can make children try to think quickly and critically. Therefore, the Hasbro Family Fun Pack by Aboso Studio is highly recommended for 10-year-olds. With this, the child’s thinking ability will be more honed.

Besides being able to hone children’s thinking skills, this game also provides an extraordinary playing experience. Children can also increase their creativity and imagination when playing Monopoly Plus.

Diverse Player Modes

The results of the Hasbro Family Fun Pack review by Aboso Studio provide various player modes that make the game even more interesting. Various existing games can be played in single or multiplayer modes. In online multiplayer mode, you can invite many people to make the game even more fun. Not only playing with your family, but you can also even invite other players who are abroad.

In the Hasbro Family Fun Pack review, you can find that this game can be played in person or online. When hanging out with your family, you can play this game in the living room with existing family members.

In certain games, there is a scoreboard that will later display the scores of the players. The existence of a scoreboard certainly makes the game more interesting and challenging, because all players are certainly competing to be the best. In addition, this game has many types of rules that can make it even more interesting to play.

Children can also join in to play while playing the various games available in this family entertainment package. Hasbro Family Pack can also be played with friends. This game generally gets a good response from its users. Many people like and recommend Hasbro Family Pack to their relatives so they can feel the excitement.

Various player modes, attractive visuals, and unique ways of playing are what make this game much enjoyable. However, when the Hasbro Family Fun Pack review was carried out, it was found that this game did not yet have a tutorial to help players. It is found in the game Trivial pursuit. Trivial is generally very popular with users. But unfortunately, the tutorial is not yet available.

Game Details:

DeveloperAsobo Studio, Frima Studio, Longtail, Zoe Mode
PublisherUbisoft Entertainment
PlatformPlayStation®4 system, Xbox One
ReleasedOctober 20, 2015
GenreFamily; Screen Languages
Official Sitehttps://www.ubisoft.com/en-ca/game/hasbro-family-pack