Getting Know Basic Poker Rules

Basic Poker Rules
Basic Poker Rules

The rules of poker are quick to learn for beginners. A well-known quote from the poker world is: “Poker takes a minute to learn, and a lifetime to master”. On this page you will find all the information you need to get started with basic poker rules.

Poker is a collective name for a large group of card games in which you can beat each other by means of a card combination and betting rounds. The only thing these games have in common are the poker hands you can make. Each type of poker has different types of betting rounds or you are dealt more or hole cards in your hands.

Basic Poker Rules For Beginners

The most famous poker variant is Texas Hold ‘Em, the aim of Hold ‘Em is to make the highest possible card combination from 5 cards and to get the chips of the opponents. This poker variant is the most played, both in online and offline poker. At a table there is played with 2 to 10 people and a deck of 52 cards.

Basic poker rules show each round, the participants of a poker game are dealt 2 cards that are only visible to them. During the round, 5 open cards are placed on the table, the player with the highest hand eventually wins the round.

To make the bandarqq poker rules clear, we have recorded a video in which the poker rules are explained step by step.

Poker Rules Explanation

Basic poker rules in the Texas Hold’em poker variant is all about having the best 5 cards. Each player is dealt 2 cards that he may not share with his opponents. These are the hole cards. A maximum of 5 cards are dealt on the table during a game.

These are called the community cards. The idea is that you combine your cards with the community cards to make the strongest possible card combination.

1. Dealer, Small Blind and Big Blind

On basic poker rules one player is the dealer. Because they shuffle and deals the cards. The player to the dealer’s left is the small blind and the player next to it is the big blind. When you are small blind you have to make a mandatory bet. For example, this mandatory bet is 50 points. The big blind is double the small blind.

2. Preflop Betting Round

After the cards have been dealt by the dealer (each 2 cards and each player one card at a time), the game begins with the first betting round. We call this the preflop betting round. This betting round starts with the first player to the left of the big blind. The player can fold, call or raise. To fold is to give up your hand and put it away. This is what you do with bad cards. To call is to call with the highest bet on basic poker rules.

3. The Flop

The dealer deals 3 cards face up on the table after the first betting round is over. These are the first three community cards. Before the dealer does this, he must first discard the top card of the pile. Then the three cards are placed face up.

The second betting round begins, which is the “flop” betting round. The first player to the dealer’s left gets to say it first. This player may check or bet. To check is to pass your turn for free. You do this if you don’t want to bet. The Turn

Now that the 2nd betting round has ended, the dealer must again discard one card face down. Then that 1 card is placed face up on the table. So this is the fourth open card on the table. We call this the turn. We are now at the 3rd betting round.

4. The River

The dealer again discards one card face down and then places the 5th card face up on the table. This is called the River. After the river is dealt there is a 4th and final betting round. This 4th betting round also proceeds the same as the two previous betting rounds.

5. Showdown

When there is more than 1 player left after the last betting round. The remaining players must show their cards. The player who has the best poker hands wins the pot!

It can also happen that someone makes a raise or a bet during all rounds betting round that no one wants to call. If a player is the only player left during one of these betting rounds, he automatically wins the pot. / Dy

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